Considered to be a "one-stop shop" in today's construction industry, design-build is an excellent choice for customers that want to keep all aspects of the construction process controlled within one team. The design-build approach, based on using a single company for an entire project, offers a variety of advantages for clients as well as the construction firm. Despite its advantages, many clients needing the assistance of a construction company still have little idea as to just how advantageous this process can be in terms of cost-effectiveness, speed of project completion, minimizing change orders, value engineering, and much more. When it comes to contractors that can make design-build construction the best option for your construction needs, Houston’s commercial customers know to call Highlands Construction.

An Extensive Network

Due to the excellent reputation Highlands Construction has in Houston and the surrounding area, it has been able to forge relationships with many of the most respected and recognized architectural and engineering firms in Houston. Whether a large world-renowned firm in the city or a smaller mom-and-pop architectural office, Highlands Construction has the connections available to use whatever firm will work best for your needs.

One Source of Accountability

When discussing design-build construction, one of the biggest advantages is having only one single source of accountability. Since Highlands Construction can partner with clients to select architectural firms, designers, engineers, contractors, and others essential to the project's success, clients know it will take only one phone call, email, or text message to Highlands Construction to make sure their questions get answered as soon as possible.

Budget Management

On any type of construction project, the budget is what may ultimately determine the success or failure of a project. By partnering with Highlands Construction, clients can work with a design-build firm that understands the budget management process from top to bottom. No matter how large or small a project, budget overruns can lead to disaster in a hurry. Rather than let this occur, Highlands Construction can hold numerous detailed discussions with a client about budget development during the design phase. By doing so, this can be completed prior to a design build bid being submitted for the overall project, enabling the project to stay within a realistic budget.

Better Lines of Communication

When utilizing design-build contractors such as Highlands Construction, the lines of communication are always open and available. Since Highlands will be in daily contact with architects, engineers, subcontractors, and others involved in the construction and design process, any potential problems within the project can be discovered much faster and resolved before they escalate into larger ones that require additional money and time.

Quicker Project Completion

If there is one thing any client loves to hear; it is that their construction and design project will be finished ahead of schedule and at a cost that is less than what was anticipated. By using the design- build approach the entire design and construction timeline is reduced. We are able to overlap the project’s architectural, engineering, scheduling and pricing processes, enabling us to save time at every step. Also, since everyone working on the project are all together from day one, it is much easier to ask questions, get timely answers, and make adjustments as needed early on in the project development phase.

Material and Construction Specifications

In many instances where the construction company, design firm, and others working on the project all remain separate from one another, tremendous amounts of ambiguity begin to accumulate regarding material and construction specifications. Since ultimately it is the interests of the client that should always remain the top priority in any project, the design-build construction process lets many different ideas be discussed. As a result, costs can be examined more closely, letting the client ultimately make the best decisions for their business.

If there is one thing clients appreciate having on any type of construction project, it is flexibility. Whether this means altering a budget if other materials are found to be better-suited for a particular application, having the freedom to work closely with the architect in charge of design, etc., design-build construction can easily be adapted to work well on almost any type of project. If you are searching for design-build contractors with the experience, knowledge, and industry contacts to make any project a success, contact Highlands Construction.