If you were like most kids growing up, you had a set of Legos you played with from time to time. Consisting of numerous pieces of different shapes and sizes, anything could be created by clicking the pieces together. In terms of today's modern construction methods, modular construction is similar to using a set of Legos. Also known as prefab construction, the installation of modular construction offers a variety of benefits for our clients.

Because modular construction varies in many ways from traditional construction, it is important to work with a construction company that has extensive experience and knowledge in the modular and prefab industry. Therefore, when clients are seeking the top modular construction companies to assist them with their projects, the first call they make is to the modular construction specialists at Highlands Construction.

What is Modular Construction?

While many people have heard of modular construction, few know what it is. In simple terms, various parts of a structure are manufactured off-site in a factory setting, then transported to a job site for construction. Popular with healthcare facilities and others who may need temporary housing or office complexes erected, modular construction has grown in popularity over the past decade. While some people used to shudder when hearing the terms "prefab construction" or "manufactured homes," today's modern construction technology now makes modular construction a much more viable option. When needing to learn more about modular construction, always ask the professionals at Highlands Construction.

Easier Schedules and Fewer Errors

When clients are eager to see a building constructed as soon as possible, the last thing they want is various delays that result in deadlines being extended and costs exceeding their budget. At Highlands Construction, getting a building constructed to the client's specifications in the quickest and safest manner possible is always the number one priority. By learning about the benefits of modular construction, clients can find their projects are far less prone to schedule delays and errors occurring during the construction process.

Quick Construction Times

When a client is trying to decide if modular construction is right for them, Highlands Construction often points to the quick turnaround times for many of these projects. On average, setups of modular prohects are done 30-50 percent faster than traditional building projects. In many cases, this is because the contractor can complete much of the foundation and civil work while the structure and finishes are completed in a controlled factory setting. For the business owner who wants to welcome customers sooner and start generating revenue faster, modular construction performed by Highlands Construction can make it happen much quicker than anticipated.

Lower Labor Costs with Modular

In many instances where a modular building is built, labor costs are significantly lower than if built in a traditional manner. Since the majority of the building’s components are made in a factory, far more customization can be completed prior to the materials arriving at the job site in construction using what is essentially a factory assembly line. And once delivered, the building can be put together much quicker, allowing workers to concentrate more on specialized tasks involving electrical and plumbing systems. Also, higher safety standards can be maintained during the project, since strict quality-control standards were enacted during the manufacturing process.

Used on Various Projects

Considered a very versatile type of modern construction, modular construction can be used on many different types of structures and projects. Whether it is classrooms for an overcrowded school, temporary offices for a store that is currently being built, a hotel or apartment complex, or a permanent business, Highlands Construction can perform custom interior finish-outs, installations, and setups on any type of modular building you may need.

Easier Maintenance with Modular

Once a modular structure is completed, owners find they have far fewer maintenance issues than they had in the past with traditional buildings. Due to the high quality-control standards used to create the modular pieces and the detailed model the owner possesses prior to and during the project, they have a better understanding of how the building is constructed, allowing them to better handle any upkeep issues that may arise.

While many construction projects still rely on the usual on-site hammers and nails when constructing a building, modular construction continues to gain in popularity. With its lower costs, faster construction times, versatility, and much more, many business owners now want to know more about the benefits of modular construction. To learn more from one of the top modular construction companies in Houston, contact Highlands Construction today.